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The Skywater Group is a conglomerate providing professional brokerage services for real estate, aircraft, and yachts. It is the Skywater Group’s mission to provide our clients and professionals the ability to cross resource opportunities with an in-house full-service product. As well, relationships are the core foundation for the company and client’s ability to succeed. We recognize the “relationship advantage” as a “priceless” value. The combination of strong mixed skill sets and personalized services will ultimately benefit the client and further galvanize their relationship with Skywater.

What makes a Skywater Realtor career better than the others?


As a Skywater Estates Realtor, you will be part of a boutique brand of high-end sales and services. Most Realtors are part of a franchise and act at a distance from the core management. When you mention you are part of an organization, like Skywater that also sells aircraft and yachts, you will be more desired than being part of a franchise with little character. The Skywater brand will give you the actual “polish” the high-end customer demands.

At Skywater Estates, you will also have the ability to EARN MORE MONEY and diversify your income. We will license you as a Skywater Yacht and Skywater Jets Sales Associate so that you may earn an alternate revenue stream from your Rolodex. When you sell that person the waterfront property you can capture the advantage of a yacht sale, or if you hear they have an aircraft to sell or buy, you will immediately be able to service that need while merely being associated with the Skywater Group.

If this sounds good to you please contact us today. For more information and details, please contact Larry Morales at 954-607-4238 ext 2 or email or Linda Thornton at

Skywater Estates, LLC.

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